You’re a Person, Not a Product

*written in December*

I had a modeling job last week. LAUGH MY A** OFF. Me. Modeling. I can barely find decent pictures of me for this blog, that I post on twice a month. I just don’t like getting my picture taken. I like the idea of having nice photos of myself, but the process of getting them done? Blind panic, I mentally black out, and suddenly it’s over and I’m just sure I’ve messed it up. Trying to get better at it.

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Grateful for Grief- What it Taught Me About Allyship.

I gotta say something. In this age of astounding access to information and connection, there’s opportunity to experience grief and NOT allow it to turn you into a horrible person. Right at our fingertips, we have crazy advances in psychology, sociology, self-improvement, therapists, medicine and health sciences (I know I’m forgetting a multitude of other areas of study) ALL DEDICATED TO MAKING US LIVE BETTER LIVES.

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Change Never Comes Without Loss

I haven’t posted in four months… that’s maybe the longest I’ve ever been silent since I first started. Doesn’t feel great. But, I understand why.

There’s been a lot of change in the past year. Just as I’d finally begun settling into Nashville, a world without my mom, and a career path I had so much hope for, BAM. The world came to a screeching halt. And then everything changed again. And I don’t like change. I don’t think that’s unique to me, either!

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