Be Brave Enough to Keep It Simple

I think…. I’m embarrassed to admit this…. but I think I used to be a know it all. As I got older, life smacked me down enough times (and I mean, like an Olympic volleyball player spiking me into the floor) that I grew up fast and realized that I really knew nooooothing. Like at all. I’ve almost done a complete 180°.

This was paralyzing at first. Terrifying and utter torture.

But then it became my greatest asset. When you finally understand how little we know about this big ol’ world and this crazy complicated little life we get to lead, it then becomes clear that we can actually lean into the basics. Into simplicity. That sounds so… vague. It really isn’t.

Our heads and our hearts can spin us around in spirals, but your gut can usually cut right to the chase.

Listen to your alarm bells. To your hesitation. To your unease. These are your innate, natural protections. Our bodies are so much smarter than we realize.

It is SO easy to hear the thoughts, opinions, asides, and contributions of others and put all of that before your own intuition. I have a tendency to trust them more than I trust myself.

My gut has been sending me all kinds of signals lately. And I’ve been trying to push it down, to follow the direction of my head or my heart and not that deep knowing in my middle that tells me when I don’t feel okay about something.

So here’s my challenge to you. If things just don’t click right with that guy, if the job interview leaves you feeling off-kilter, if you are excited to start a new business venture with someone but something is holding you back, if that apartment you looked at just didn’t give you that feeling of “home”, HECK if that book you just started isn’t lighting you up in the first ten pages- walk away. The right thing will come along and you will know it when you see it.

In hindsight, my gut has always been right. Doesn’t mean I’ve always listened to it, but it’s always been right.

Listening and acting upon your instincts can often be the scariest choice. Be brave enough to do it.

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