That January Hustle

Friends, it’s that time of year again. I’m running myself into the ground, and this year I have LEVELED UP. Instead of having just three jobs, now I have, drum roll please, four! This time last year I was an Assistant General Manager for Orangetheory, a photographer for Nashville Repertory Theatre, and a full time student getting my certification for vocal coaching. Phew.

This year, it’s still Orangetheory, Vocal Coaching with my shiny new certification, Photographing still (that’s where I am headed tonight!) and doing…. a whole heck of a lot in the recording studio at every other possible moment. I love it.

Oh…. and writing THIS BLOG, as well as the book I’m working on. 😬

I love, love, love it. I love this burst of January energy I get every year. But I also have to be patient and kind with myself when eventually, I will crash a little, fall short a little, and need to slow down A LOT.

A girl can’t keep running on just drinking green juice and four hours of sleep a night. 

This morning I started earlyyyyy, early at the fitness studio, and tonight I will end late late at an event I’m photographing. But today I actually get the chance to be home for a couple hours, make myself a meal, do a little tidying I have been in desperate need of and even take a power nap. 

I am willing to bet that the people who are incredibly productive and make us all think how do they do it are the best at recovering their peace of mind. At allowing rest. At finding repose. It’s really hard to convince myself of this- I look at those people who seem to just go and go and go and DO and DO and DO, and it makes me feel incredibly insecure. 

But…. recharging won’t look the same for us all. 

Finding pockets of time to decompress is invaluable. Allow yourself that opportunity. Let yourself sleep in sometimes… you don’t know when it will happen again! I think often people think that productivity looks like the energizer bunny. But frankly… dat bunny ain’t real. 

Have you ever seen a battery that can go forever? CAUSE MY PHONE SURE HASN’T. 

I joke, but really. 

So whether it be crashing on the couch for an after-work nap, going semi-comatose in front of some Netflix, or making sure not to miss church, it is worth it. Do it. 

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