I Moved! A New Home, A New Perspective of Grief

These past two weeks have been a transitional period for me. I moved apartments and finally had my first week of flying solo at the new job. My routine was shaken up, my possessions were all over the place, and my time and energy were consumed by revamping my entire lifestyle.

Transitional periods make me anxious. They also make me miss my mom even more. She was a source of stability and reassurance, even when my environment was anything but. Continue reading “I Moved! A New Home, A New Perspective of Grief”

So, Your Bestie is Grieving. How Can you Help Them?

Last week, my best friend and I went to one of Nashville’s cutest little burger spots for a late lunch. It was a random tuesday, and we sat on our little repurposed vintage schoolhouse chairs and drank summer ales from mason jars among the exposed brick and twinkle lights. The perfect little “treat yoself” summer afternoon in Nashville- except for the reason behind her visit. Molly (dat’s ma bestie) drove the 5 hours up from Arkansas the day after learning that, well, I hadn’t been doing so hot. And for the first time, I had actually let people know. So she quite literally sped to be at my side, and I am one lucky SOB. Now that’s an amazing friend for ya.

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My Grieving Resilience Tool

Last summer, I arrived home in Nashville when the realization hit me- I had left my planner on a freaking airplane. My heart sank to somewhere around my ankles.

I frantically started sending messages and submitting multiple lost item notices to the airline, tracing my steps back to when I last had it, looking up my specific seat assignments in hopes that somewhere out there SOMEONE would be as OCD as I am to record where exactly my lost item had been found- because I KNEW I had left it in the seatback pocket of 27E.

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