Grief and Isolation: Was this the WORST Decision I’ve Ever Made?

I’ve heard that it’s important to not isolate ourselves while grieving. Instead of pushing others away and stubbornly thinking we can rely on our own strength, we ought to lean on those who love us for support and understanding. Community is key. I’ve also heard the cliched advice that it’s important not to make any big changes during the first year of grief, as that puts a lot of added strain on an already trying time. Continue reading “Grief and Isolation: Was this the WORST Decision I’ve Ever Made?”

How I Figured Out How to Process Grief.

Have you heard of the term brain fog? It’s that feeling when you should be perfectly fine, you’re just going about your day, and WHAM. Your brain has gone all soft and fuzzy and you want to fall asleep right where you’re at and all the energy in your body disappeared. Your reflexes are slow. This is totally normal and people feel it all the time when they’re tired or they’ve had a long day- whatever. Continue reading “How I Figured Out How to Process Grief.”

A Little Introduction- Why I Grieve

On the advice of a wonderfully wise fellow writer, I suppose I ought to reveal to you all the source of my own grief. While the telling of the whole story is something I’ve never attempted, I am sure I could fill a book with the ups and downs of my mom’s illness, her passing, and the beginning of my grief. Here, however, is the blog post version- as quick as I can make it. Continue reading “A Little Introduction- Why I Grieve”